Russian Industry Exhibition Successfully Held in Moscow

Business Inform 2014, a Russian exhibition showcasing office equipment, printing supplies, parts and related services, has been successfully held in All-Russia Exhibition Center in Moscow, Russia.

The event, took place for three consecutive days (during May 20-22, 2014), has attracted 74 companies from Russia, China, USA, Japan, Germany, Lithuania, Sweden, Switzerland, India, Malaysia and Poland, including 33 Russia companies and 25 Chinese companies. The event organizer estimated more than 1500 guests from Japan, France, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, Estonia, and Moldova have visited the exhibition.

It demonstrated a wide variety of products and services, including Office equipment; Printing supplies and parts for office equipment; IT-outsourcing; MPS-solutions; Computers and accessories; Software and Paper.

During the three day event, a series of seminars have been held to educate audience on various topics, such as reality, tendencies, problems and perspectives of the office printing market; parts and quality issues, etc. 17 reports presented on the conference attracted more than 750 specialists.

Most exhibitors and visitors think this kind of events (exhibitions, conferences, seminars) are becoming more and more importance in Russia. Regular information from industry leaders, open discussions of new products and tendencies would make the market remain up-to-date, and respond quickly to new solutions in the worldwide market. It’s said, many participants have already confirmed their participation in the Business-Inform 2015 International Office Equipment, Printing Supplies and Parts Exhibition (Moscow, All-Russian Exhibition Center, May, 2015). 

The exhibition ended on 22nd of May, but Business-Inform Informational Project continues. In June 2014, the Business-Inform Agency web-site, a virtual Business-Inform 2014 Exhibition (,will start working. Each virtual booth will have the contact information of the exhibitor, short description of the supplied products, photos made during the latest exhibition. Each exhibitor-company can publish announcement, advertisement, commercial offers, presentation on specific webpage for free. In this way, every exhibitor of Business-Inform 2014 continues the information exchange with visitors.

Moreover, the preparation for publishing of Business-Inform Review #5, 2015, has begun. 15000 copies of the magazine will be printed both in English and in Russian before September 2014. Part of the print run will be presented during Chinese and European exhibitions in the second half of 2014, beginning of 2015.

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