RT Media Acquires Celebrated Toner Event Rights —Imaging Summit Announced

On the back of acquiring the US-based imaging media icon, Recharger Magazine, in February 2014, and the Spain-based Consumibles E-Magazine in October, Recycling Times Media (RT Media) has successfully acquired rights to The Tiara Group’s celebrated series of Toner Conferences, now approaching its 32nd year.

The annual Toner Conference, birthed in 1984, continues to be the unique opportunity for both OEM and aftermarket players in the print consumables industry to meet face-to-face in a business-to-business (b2b) format with clients and competitors.

In May 2015, attendees, delegates, exhibitors, media, speakers and sponsors of the Toner Conference will join other imaging industry leaders at the South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas for the two-day RT Imaging Summit & Expo, to examine advances in bio- and petro-toners, the impact of the growth of inkjet, industry trends, technical, marketing and legal issues.

With consummate rights to the Toner Conference, RT Media now controls the industry’s largest global audience with its Summits and Expos in China, Spain, Mexico and the US. RT Media also commands the largest readership of its monthly imaging consumables magazine, Recycling Times, published in English, Chinese, Korean, Russian and Spanish. These properties also strengthen RT Media’s website (iRecyclingTimes.com) which already has visitors that spend more time, and view more pages, than any other industry news website in the world.  Further, each October, RT Media also runsRemaxAsia Expo the largest imaging consumables industry exposition in the world, with 453 exhibits and 13,563 visitors attending in Zhuhai China, from 85 countries.

As a part of this agreement, Art Diamond—the 58-year veteran of the imaging industry who launched Toner Conference 31 years ago—will assist as co-chair of the Las Vegas RT Imaging Summit & Expo. Diamond is known internationally as a consulting chemical engineer, holds 15 US imaging patents, and authored the “Handbook of Imaging Materials.” Diamond said, “I'm very happy we reached this agreement with Cal Poly and The Tiara’s Terry Gorka. Now, two great events will merge into one splendid, omnibus expo, promising a focus on issues, a larger crowd, savings on tickets, and affordable room rates at one of the largest hotels on the Vegas Strip.”

A strategic alliance with the Graphic Communication Institute at Cal Poly (GrCI)—www.grci.calpoly.edu—struck in January 2014 with former Toner Conference organizers (The Tiara Group), looks strong and is expected to strengthen with the 2015 event. Lyndee Sing, newly appointed Director of the GrCI, said, “Cal Poly is committed to supporting technological advances in the production and distribution of print. Developments in toner technology, and the printing systems that use them, have kept the graphic communication industry vibrant with great promise for profitable growth in the future. Partnering with RT Media for the 2015 RT Imaging Summit further affirms our commitment to the industry.” Dr Harvey Levenson, Cal Poly Professor Emeritus, and well-known industry expert, will also be advising on the planning stages of the conference. Levenson added “I support various Cal Poly programs including the May 2015 conference.”

Tony Lee, Managing Director of RT Media said it’s an important step in pulling the global industry together. “We are pleased to welcome former Toner Conference attendees and sponsors to our global network of events and publications.”

The RT Imaging Summit & Expo will run May 14-15, 2015 at the South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

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