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RT Enters the Property Business

RT Building Zhuhai logo rtmworldRT Media is cooperating with the Chinese authorities to build the first industry centre in Zhuhai, China. The 20-storey tower began construction in 2017 and is expected to be opened at the time of the Chinese New Year in February 2020.

Tony Lee rtmworld RT Media“It has been my dream for more than a decade,” says Managing Director Tony Lee (pictured). ” Ever since we began our successful publishing and events business in 2007, I have wanted to build a place where those involved in printers, copiers and office supplies can have display and office space where domestic and international suppliers and buyers can meet.”

The twin tower, RT Building is located at 55 Pingbei 2nd Road, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai. The land area of the project is 11,719.58 square meters, and the total surface construction area is 17,554.86 square meters.

The project has two underground floors for car parking and storage rooms. The total underground construction area is about 17,554.86 square meters.

The above ground floor space is about 42,276.16 square meters. The first three floors, including ground level, are called levels 1-3 and are for commercial use including a shopping precinct for cafes, restaurants, clothing and electrical stores. The main office tower will contain space for hundreds of hotel-styled office suites on levels 4 to 20.

The residential tower will accommodate hundreds of studio apartments fully furnished with bathroom and kitchen facilities.

RT Building Lobby rtmworld Zhuhai China RT Building lobby rtmworld“Some of the building is already complete,” says David Gibbons a director of the company. “I have been blown away by the exquisite finish being applied to the internals. It really is a world-class building in every aspect. Businesses will see quite quickly how being established or with a regional office in this building will enhance the impression their customers will have of them as they visit Zhuhai—the print consumables capital of the world.”

Visitors are welcome to visit the building to look at the demonstration apartments and the lobby areas.

New Building Tony Lee rtmworld RT Building ChinaTony Lee at the earth turning ceremony in October 2017.

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