Ricoh’s New Service Program Delivers More Growths

Ricoh has added a new service program to its Services suite to help business of all sizes grow and expand their footprint in the U.S.

According to Ricoh, Service Advantage provides business with a stable, scalable and flexible service that support its infrastructure. The program includes seasoned service professionals, proven services portfolio and training programs to help businesses accelerate growth in currently served markets, as well as new ones.

Service advantage will allow business to leverage Ricoh’s resources to deliver service to their customers and build new distribution models.

Ricoh asserts that its new service help take care of the execution of its customer experience in the field. That way, it will allow companies in various stage of development to focus more on innovation.

Apex Supply Chain Technologies were among the clients benefiting from the service.

Kent Savage, CEO, Apex Supply Chain Technologies, commented, “Our intelligent locker solutions are well established and growing. By partnering with Ricoh, we gained the additional services and support channels needed, helping to further expand throughout global markets.”

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