Retech Patented Solution Approved by e-Recordation

Retech Patented Solution Approved by e-Recordation

RetechRetech claims that its self-patented workaround solution for the Brother TN-760 series has been registered in the e-Recordation program of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) intellectual property rights (IPR).

Retech owes it to its independent research and development efforts and the core accessories from Dinglong Group.

“Being approved by the e-Recordation allows Retech to obtain the import and export license from CBP, which means that we are able to provide TN-760 series for the US market. It also means we can provide a better secure patent solution to our global partners,” said the spokesperson of Retech.



The 337-1174 investigation filed by Brother in August 2019 attracted the attention of the global printing consumables industry. The US ITC issued a general exclusion order (GEO) in November 2020, indicating that compatible products not being recognized by the e- Recordation program would face the risk of being denied from entry of the United States market.

Retech has been standing together with hundreds of domestic and foreign dealers all the way for the past 21 years since founded. Retech claims that it will continue to strive for innovation in the future, expanding R&D and technical teams and providing all of its partners with one-stop solutions.



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