Replacement Chips for HP Cartridges Released

Megain has launched a series of replacement chips used in the HP CF279A series of toner cartridges. The printers using this cartridge series include HP Laserjet pro M12w/M12a and HP Laserjet pro MFP M26a/M26nw.

According to Megain, the new replacement chips have no problems with the serial number. The company also reveals that the HP CF279A series of toner cartridges used in HP Laserjet pro M12w/M12a can only be used in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Meanwhile, the HP CF279A series of toner cartridges used in HP’s Laserjet pro MFP M26a/M26nw are used throughout the rest of the world (ROW).

Further, Megain discloses that the samples of the new chips in EMEA are now available, while the samples in the rest of the world are still under examination.

Detailed product information is shown as follows:






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