Replacement Chips for Canon LBP312i Printer Series Launched

Megain,chips,new,Canon,CRG-041Megain has released a series of replacement chips for use in Canon CRG-041/CRG-042/CRG-045/CRG-046 toner cartridges.

According to Megain, Canon CRG-041/CRG-042/CRG-045/CRG-046 series of toner cartridges are compatible with Canon LBP312i/LBP443i/MF634Cdw/MF735Cdw printer series.

Among the new chip models, MCC-CRG-041 and MCC-CRG-041H can be used in Canon LBP312i laser printer. MCC-CRG-042 is used in LBP443i/LBP442/LBP441/LBP441e series of printers. MCC-CRG-045BLK series of chip models can be used in Canon MF634Cdw/MF632Cdw/LBP612C/LBP611C printer series, and MCC-CRG-046HBLK series of chip group can be used in Canon MF735Cdw/MF733Cdw/MF731Cdw printer series. The new chips yields from 1.3k to 20k pages, using CMYK 4 color model.

New products are listed as follows:

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