R-JetTek Relocates Warehouse Facility

R-JetTek, a Colorado Springs, CO—based aftermarket consumable supplier and distributor of OCP ink jet inks, has announced the relocation of its warehouse facility. With the expansion of its printer supplies business, R-JetTek has been shifting its focus to sales and distribution. It has subcontracted some of its ink jet services in recent years, which makes the relocation easier.

The new warehouse is an 8,000 square-foot facility also in Colorado Springs.

“Previously our company operated in-house injection molding machines, a full machine shop and medium manufacturing along with sales and distribution,” said Mike Warner, R-JetTek’s President. “In 2010 we outsourced injection molding to two local companies and now focus mostly on R&D, sales and distribution.”

R-JetTek has been headquartered in Colorado Springs for 20 years, but nearly all of the staff lives outside of that city. One-third of the company’s clients are international and about two-thirds are in the United States.

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