More Printers Certified for Mobile Printing


Twenty-five new printers have been certified as being user-friendly for those wanting to print on the go.

“IPP Everywhere” certification is a PWG standard that allows users to have instant, on-the-go printing from laptops, phones and tablets without the need to use special software.

The IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (ISTO) identified the printers that have been granted “IPP Everywhere” certification. The first “IPP Everywhere” certified printers are from HP Inc., According toBusinessWire.

Printers that obtain “IPP Everywhere” certification will be very helpful for those wishing to print away from the office and home, in hotels, meeting centers, airports and coffee shops. 98% of IPP certified printers support the Internet Printing Protocol [PWG 5100.12-2015].

The printers with “IPP Everywhere Certification” can be recognized by the PWG’s “IPP Everywhere” trademark logo.

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