Printer Cartridges Used to Make Roads

According to the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission), the Cartridges 4 Planet Ark recycling program has been running now for more than 10 years in the New South Wales South Coast area, with 24 million cartridges saved from landfill.

Brad Gray, Head of Campaigns at Planet Ark said the recovered  plastics, metals, inks and toners are being used to make pens and road base.

Mr. Gray revealed, “There’s a new product that’s just been invented. It’s called Toner Pave which uses the residual toner dust that’s in printer cartridges and adds it into road base so when they’re constructing the road, the road actually is stronger, lasts longer and has a lower carbon footprint in its production.”

The idea and the development of the technology involved is all Australian, and according to Mr. Gray, the program is now being rolled out, literally, around the country.

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