Print without Print Consumables?

A worldwide patented technology claims to turn the US$14 million black ink cartridge market upside down.

This is what Inkless’ co-founders Ven Chandrasekar and Arnaud van der Veen (pictured) believe.

According to, the Netherlands-based Inkless has developed a promising technology which enables printing without the use of cartridges, toners or any consumables.

“Our inkless printing technology offers many advantages. Cartridges, toners or special coatings on paper are no longer required, which leads to a significant environmental benefit,” said co-founder Arnaud van der Veen. “Apart from the environmental benefits, you will never be faced with empty cartridges at inopportune times. In addition, printing without cartridges or toners obviously means no recurring costs. This results in a significant cost advantage.”

Inkless has also improved the paper carbonization process so as to prevent paper damage. In addition, they have developed a solution to ensure permanent and black enough printing.

Inkless is now looking for partnerships to bring this new technology to markets such as home and office, coding and marking, and digital production.

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