Print-Rite Rolls out IP safe Canon Series

Print-Rite Rolls out IP safe Canon Series

Print-Rite Rolls out IP safe Canon SeriesPrint-Rite announced the release of its IP safe solutions for Canon IR advance C5030 and 2270 series. The new range has a patented nozzle design on another separate coupling design as well as a single function sealing feature which the company claims enable users to avoid any patent accusations.

According to the company, along with a recent notice of institution of investigation 337-TA-960 by US International Trade Commission (ITC) about certain toner supply containers and components thereof, aftermarket toner supply containers that do not infringe the asserted US patents No.8,909,094 and No.9,046,820 are desirable in the market. Print-Rite claims its latest release can even act as a savior for the aftermarket industry.

Head of R&D at Print-Rite explained, “Our team has also worked hard on the bottle design and its locking mechanism. Those innovative designs have also gained a patent recognition. The IP safe Canon IP advance C5030 & 2270 range has been in the market for 2 years without any patent accusation. Isn’t it an indicator how reliable our products are?”

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