Print-Rite Releases New Compatible Chips

Recently, Print-Rite releases new compatible chips for three OEM-branded printers.

Kodak 30# compatible inkjet chip

Print-rite Technology launches the Kodak 30# compatible inkjet chip that first breaks the constraints of serial number. Every chip has its own number  different with each other. This new product can completely solve the serial number problem and avoid the risk of collision.

OKI C610 laser compatible chip

Upon the request of customers, Print –Rite Technology began developing the compatible OKI C610 chip at the end of year 2012 and succeed this February. The spotlight is that the completely developed product can break the obstacles of serial number.

Kyocera TK three generation laser compatible chip

Recently, Kyocera launched many new products in several markets in the world. See below the lately released compatible Kyocera smart chips by Print-Rite Technology.

Contact information for details:

Sales:  Ms Xiao
sales: Miss Wang

Mobile: 3392973898
Mobile: 3392973899

QQ: 798335407
QQ: 719327392



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