Print on 3D Objects in Just Seconds

Xerox has revolutionized the way we print on 3D objects by introducing its new Direct-to-Object inkjet printers.

According to Xerox, the innovation enables retailers and package printers to print durable, vivid color images, photos and text directly onto 3D objects in just seconds. The printer leverages Xerox image quality algorithms that direct the tiny stainless steel nozzles to accurately spray ink on objects as small as bottle caps and as large as football helmets. The nozzles contained in their print heads can be directed half the width of a human hair.

The OEM also claims that the printer can print on a variety of surfaces at print resolutions ranging from 300 to 1,200 dpi. The printer can also handle up to 30 objects per hour, with the ability to scale for production.

Other innovative features include:

  • The ink jets are compatible with virtually any type of ink chemistry including solvent, aqueous and UV inks and can be operated at temperatures as high as 140°C, enabling jetting of specialized inks that meet demanding requirements.
  • The innovative architecture features a flexible design for holders so that objects can be changed out easily.
  • Xerox software ensures precise head-to-head registration and best in class color calibration.

Brendan Casey, vice president of Xerox Engineering Services, said, “This innovation opens up a path for creating customized products instantly at a time when the consumer’s appetite is all about personalization. Imagine a sports fan coming home from a game with a helmet or ball that was personalized right at the stadium, or a retailer offering on-demand personalization on hundreds of different store items.”

The new printer is considered ideal for use in retail, printing and packaging and manufacturing fields. The Xerox Direct-to-Object Printer is a customized solution built to order. More information at:


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