Print Can be Sustainable

While printing onto paper has commonly been considered to be environmentally unfriendly, a new educational campaign may be changing ideas about print.

The Printing & Graphics Association MidAtlantic (PGAMA) has launched an educational campaign namely Print Grows Trees, to highlight how printing actually helps to grow trees and save forests.

According to Print Grows Trees, more than half of the forestland is owned privately in the U.S., and landowners definitely want to make money from their land. From this perspective, printing and paper industry can, and do, contribute to forestation.

In addition, those who print also show deep concern for the environment by way of recycling and reusing not just paper but other equipment such as toner cartridges as well. According to a 2016 fact sheet issued by Two Sides North America, “the U.S. paper recovery rate rose from 63.5% in 2013 to 66.8% in 2015, the highest reading ever recorded.”

The report also pointed out that to “go paperless” does not necessarily mean “save trees” or “protect the environment.” It is rather a “marketing hype” driven by cost conscious managers. In addition, paper production is eco-friendly, as paper in the U.S. is made from over 60% biofuels which helps reduce carbon footprint of paper, decrease coal dependency, and divert waste away from landfills.

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