Pantum Hosts Its Frist Global Sales Meeting

On April 10, 11 and 12, Pantum held its first global sales meeting in Zhuhai, China. Representatives and sales directors from the Asia-Pacific, European Union, Middle East and Africa, North America and Latin America attended the meeting. This 3-day meeting aimed to “clarify and understand” Pantum’s strategy and to develop global sales.

Pantum said, all attendees actively took part in group discussions, which enhanced the team connection and effective communication between different regions. Moreover, the meeting concluded with a teambuilding activity and a dinner party on the final day.

Jackson Wang, CEO of Pantum International, commented, “The team has been working hard and made great progress last year. All the team members made important contributions. Through the three-day informative discussion and achievements of last year, we are confident and believe in our global brand Pantum.”

All of Pantum’s functional departments and sales teams participated in this three day meeting. The first day mainly focused on functional departments including marketing, financial, operation and human resources. The second day focused on delivering a sales update. Additionally, sales directors from different regions shared detailed updates on targets and achievements of the first quarter, and their plans for the second quarter with key strategies. The final day of the meeting was mainly about team discussions and presentations.

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