OEM Survey Finds Only 8% Using Mobile Printing

Samsung recently conducted a global survey on mobile printing needs and found out the biggest challenge of mobile printing. Participants include around 1,000 corporate Information Technology decision makers in Germany, China and the United States.

The survey results are published on the company’s official global blog, “Samsung Tomorrow”.  40% of the correspondents believe there are opportunities in cloud and mobile printing, but only 8% are using them. 35% of the survey participants are more concerned about the probable complexity of cloud printing while around 20% care more about printing quality and document security.

Besides this, 35% of businesses already know about the increasing mobile apps for enterprise use. 38% know immediate printing from a mobile device is possible without a PC. 4% of businesses know nothing about mobile printing while 5% are unaware of cloud printing.

To tackle the usability challenge of mobile printing, the tech giant has made simple and intuitive solutions by releasing new apps, offering cloud printing services, and manufacturing multifunction printers such as the Xpress C430 / C480 color printer designed for small and medium offices.



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