OEM Invents Robot Printer That Delivers

A robot printer has been invented, that not only prints documents on paper, but will move around the office to deliver them to the person who sent the print order.

Fuji Xerox conducted their tests with their robot printer during July and August in Tokyo, Japan.

When the robot receives a print job, it automatically begins to move toward the desk being used by the person who sent the order.

The color Fuji Xerox laser printer moves around a room like the well known Roomba robot cleaner found in homes.

In order to maintain privacy,the print job starts only after the robot, Fuji Xerox’s smallest printer, reaches the user. Then, at the press of a button, the robot printer automatically goes back to the home position, in a corner of the room.

The robot uses laser sensors to automatically make a three-dimensional map of the room.If the robot detects an object that does not exist in the map, it assumes it’s a human, and chooses another route to avoid the person.


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