OEM Fires Shots Again

Epson has filed a complaint to the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California Western Division, demanding for jury trial on the patent infringement dispute with Prinko Image Co. (USA), INC.

According to copies provided to RT media, Epson claimed that Prinko Image infringed U.S. patent No.6,502,917 (‘917 patent) by making, using, importing, offering to sell, and selling ink cartridges that operate with Epson ink jet printers. This included but not limited to ink cartridges having model No. 200XL, 127XL, E-0781, T0782, T0783, T0784, T0785, and T0786.

In addition, Epson also alleged that the California-based company infringed its patent NO.8,794,749 (‘749 patent). The accused infringement included but not limited to ink cartridges having model Nos. 200XL, 127XL, E-0781, T0782, T0783, T0784, T0785, T0786, T2730, T2731, T2732, T2733, T2734, T676XL1, T676XLC, T676XL2 and T676XL3.

Epson listed with details that the “Prinko Image Co” branded ink cartridges that infringe Epson’s aforesaid patents are sold on various online stores such as Walmart.com.

In its prayer for relief, Epson pledged the court to award compensation for damages caused by the defendant’s infringement of Epson patents.

The ‘917 patent is related to the investigation No. 337-TA-565. The United States International Trade Commission has issued a General Exclusion Order and certain Cease and Desist Orders related to the matter.

RT Media has reported that the Japanese OEM filed a complaint against Soldcrazy USA LCC for patent infringement earlier last month.

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