OCP to Bid Farewell to Technical Support Manager

OCP recently announced the leave of its technical support manager Dirk Hünselar.

Dirk Hünselar has been working for OCP in different positions over the past 11years. Looking back, he said, “More or less completely out of the blue I got the absolutely unique opportunity to buy a share in a very well established and heavily expanding company being specialized in sun protection systems, venetian blinds and awnings. And since there is a German proverb that says: what you haven’t done till you’re 50, you’ll never do in your life, I took this chance to reset my knowledge into factory setting and to learn something completely new.” Dirk will take responsibility to help the new company implementing the right internal structures and workflows to enbale future growth and expansion.

Meanwhile, OCP expressed their gratitude to Dirk Hünselar for his outstanding support to customers in the past 11 years and affirmed his contribution to the company. The company also extended wished for Dirk’s future career and projected high expectations on his capability to bring a lot of good and new input to his new company.

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