OCP Improves Global Personnel Structure

OCP GmbH (OCP), a leading inkjet ink manufacturer in Germany, announces it will execute new personnel improvements to meet customer needs and technical requests.

According to OCP, Dirk Hünselar will step into the position of Technical Support Manager while Carsten Edelmeier will take the commercial part as Sales Manager and will take over the customers and markets in Asia and Oceania.

In the North and South America, Middle East and African regions, Hasan Bagli is now responsible for assisting OCP’s South African Office and Tennessee infrastructure business facility. Hasan will also be responsible for OCP’s distribution partners in Europe.

For the European region, Patrick Friedrich will be in charge of the business in Western Europe and Sebastian Bruder will manage Eastern Europe.

Mr. Edelmeier commented, “These changes, especially on the technical support side of our business, were needed as we felt the necessity of assisting our customers with technical support better than we did it in the past.”


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