North American Tag & Label Printing Market to Grow at 1.6% CAGR

PRIMIR, the Print Industries Market Information and Research Organization, the research unit of NPES, announces the completion of a new research study: “Tag & Label Printing Trends.” The PRIMIR study indicates that the North American tag & label industry dollar volume, currently at $12.9 billion, is expected to grow at a rate of 1.6% CAGR 2013-2018, with some segments doing better than others. The tag & label market is comprised of four distinct label types—pressure-sensitive, in-mold, sleeve and glue applied—as well as tags. Pressure-sensitive labels, representing the largest market share, are expected to grow at an overall rate of 2.3% CAGR.

More than 250 brand owners, packaging buyers, and tag & label printers and converters participated in surveys and qualitative interviews for the study. Conducted for PRIMIR by LPC Inc., Austin, Texas, the study provides an understanding of current and future functionality of tags and labels in the U.S. and Canada by format and end-use market segment. It also provides data on the relative size of each segment along with forecasts to 2018.

Through 2018, some segments will do better than others, for example the study projects sleeve label technologies and in-mold labels to grow 3.4% and 2.9%, respectively, while glue-applied labels are forecast to decline -0.2% CAGR during that same time period.

The research study indicates, however, that tag & label run lengths in North America are declining an estimated 7-9% annually. As a result, each year, higher volumes of once conventionally printed applications (offset, flexo and gravure) migrate to digital printing presses. While approximately 74% of presses sold into the North American tag & label industry in 2013 were conventional, it is expected that by 2018, 50% of the presses installed in the tag & label market will be digital.
(Source: American Printer)

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