Commercial Copy Innovations Files Suit against Brother

Ninestar Sues a Company for Patent Infringement

Recently, Ninestar filed a patent infringement complain in Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court, accusing Zhuhai Zhengyin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Zhuhai Zhengyin ) of infringing its inkjet cartridge patent.

“To steadily control the negative pressure in cartridge” has always been essential to the quality of inkjet cartridge. The failure to put negative pressure under good control will result in an overlarge fluid pressure at the nozzle of print head that adversely affects print performance due to phenomena such as ink leakage. Many companies tried to solve this technical problem but failed. Nonetheless, Ninestar invested tremendous efforts in the control method of negative pressure and eventually independently developed ‘Negative Pressure Generating Mechanism’ which provides a good control of negative pressure in cartridge. Ninestar has obtained a series of patents for this technology and the Chinese patent No. ZL201220712945.2 is one of them. Ninestar’s products with this patent are well recognized by customers due to it owns a simpler structure, an easier operation and a lower manufacturing cost than OEM’s.

Unfortunately, Ninestar has found that Zhuhai Zhengyin is manufacturing and selling many products (specifically 950XLBK, 951XLC/M/Y; 711XLBK/C/M/Y; and 932XLBK, 933XLC/M/Y for HP) that infringe on Ninestar’s patent rights of the above mentioned patent technology.

For any company, IP usually requires huge amounts of manpower, materials and financial resources. There’s good reason for Ninestar to respect third parties’ IP and protect its own. Ninestar claims that Zhuhai Zhengyin should cease infringement acts immediately, and compensate Ninestar for financial losses caused by the Zhuhai Zhengyin’s infringement.

The court has accepted this case on June 13, 2018 and will hear that case in August.

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