Ninestar Announces Solution for Canon Compatible Chips

Ninestar announces it can provide any reliable solution for Canon light emission chip patent.

According to Ninestar, the Canon patent is described as “the emission of light based on color information stored in chip. The chip data needs the color ID in order for the printer to operate”. Canon inkjet realizes its light emission by keeping the color ID be consistent with the ID information sent by the printer. It is reported that the patent was already awarded in Europe under patent number EP 2 062 731 B1.

As its inkjet business grows, Canon pays more attention on the inkjet patents protection and upgrades its patents from cartridge structure to intelligence chip. Ninestar said, “After winning the litigation in Japan and awards in Europe for light emission chip patent, Canon is predicted to spread the same litigation to Europe market with great possibility”.

In 2011, Ninestar had already predicted the patent risk and developed the first solution in the aftermarket for Canon light emission chip patent. It has registered compatible chip patents in China under number CN201110459870.1 and CN201110460180.8. The patented chips are now sold to Japan and other markets, showing its innovation strength.

Ninestar states its patent as “the emission of light is independent. It is irrelevant with color ID. It’s said light emission of Ninestar is very different from Canon’s.

The company claims it is ready for meeting any market demands on Canon compatible chip in Europe market.

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