Ninestar Aims to Capture Greater Share of Reman Market

Given that remanufactured cartridges have the merits of low-cost, high-reliability and environmental-friendliness, they are becoming more and more popular in the print consumables market, so said Ninestar. And the company has been taking some initiatives to capture a greater share of this dynamic market.

Improve Capacity of Empties Collection

According to Ninestar, “The ever-growing popularity of the remanufactured cartridge boosts the high demand for empties (cores).” As a result, empties are in short supply, especially in the US market where the first sale doctrine makes them highly desirable. Players who can collect empties will keep their remanufacturing lines running and win the market, says Ninestar.

Therefore, Ninestar has upgraded its empties collection platform globally and promises it will launch a new empties-collection website for the U.S. market. It also intends to strengthen its core collection capacity in this key market.

Apply New IE12 Technology to Remanufacturing

Ninestar has developed 12 processing steps it will apply to cartridge remanufacturing that are based upon Industrial Engineering technology:

1. Empty, Sort & Grade

2. Split & Clean

3. Matching Test

4. Performance Test

5. Sand Blast & Re-Coat

6. Seal

7. Toner Refill & Vacuum

8. Re-assemble

9. 100% Post Test

10. Sampling Test

11. Clean

12. Package

The company claims that its IE12 protocol improves the quality of remanufactured cartridge significantly.

Open New Recycling Factory

Ninestar has opened a new plant in the USA to strengthen empties collection and cartridge remanufacturing. Complete details were not available at press time, but will be reported here shortly.

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