New Website Launched for Imaging Equipment Deals

The aftermarket Katun’s new website―Katun Marketplace―has come online on December 5.

The website is currently available in English and French, and more languages will be offered in following weeks. Katun claims that its new platform is designed to offer imaging professionals the opportunity to buy and sell new, used and refurbished office imaging equipment. It also helps to connect with global office equipment dealers and distributors.

“We have a huge international customer base, and many of them are interested in either selling or buying used copier and printer hardware,” said Cornelis Alderlieste, Katun’s Marketing Director for Europe, Africa and Middle-East. “This new Katun Marketplace platform is an easy and efficient way to bring buyers and sellers together to buy and sell equipment, but also to explore new business opportunities.”

He added, “Being part of the Katun family is rewarding beyond just our offering of attractively priced imaging supplies that provide great performance and value. This new platform is an excellent example of that.”

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