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New Solution to Help Manufacturers Reduce Costs

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Lexmark Introduces Supply Chain Document Optimization for Manufacturing

Lexmark,buildingLexmark International, Inc., a global imaging solutions leader introduces Lexmark Supply Chain Document Optimization for Manufacturing, a solution that leverages the Lexmark Smart multifunction printer platform and streamlines manual processes to help manufacturers gain visibility into supply chain logistics, consolidate devices, increase productivity and lower costs.

Paper-based supply chain workflows limit access to important data contained in shipping and receiving documents such as forms, invoices, bills of lading, delivery receipts and packing lists. The Lexmark Supply Chain Document Optimization solution streamlines the manual, paper-based tasks that can disrupt shipping and receiving operations.

John Linton,Lexmark“Manufacturing and supply chain processes often rely on paper, making them slow and inefficient,” said John Linton, Lexmark manufacturing industry director. “It’s also difficult to have real-time visibility into shipment status, which can impact customer service. And when a preprinted document, label or tag is out of stock, it can shut down a production line and further delay shipments. We developed Lexmark Supply Chain Document Optimization to help manufacturers overcome these challenges.”

Lexmark Supply Chain Document Optimization solution allows manufacturers to:

Improve customer service: Shipping and receiving documents are produced and captured at the point of transaction so order and delivery information can instantly be shared with customers.

Reduce expenses: Multipart forms and dot matrix printers are replaced with advanced, efficient laser technology that prints on demand using standard copier paper.

Drive productivity: Electronic forms provide instant visibility to supply chain documents and eliminate delays caused by out-of-stock supplies and pre-printed forms.

Support compliance: Information for audits and compliance requirements is immediately accessible.

Lexmark manufacturing customers, including 70% of the top 50 manufacturers around the world, rely on the rugged, industrial design of Lexmark devices that are used in a wide range of environments and extreme conditions. The Lexmark capture platform creates a cohesive system across devices and solutions that can be deployed even in challenging environments.

Allen Waugerman,Lexmark“Supply Chain Document Optimization for Manufacturing is the latest Lexmark solution designed to help manufacturers solve their information challenges,” said Allen Waugerman, Lexmark senior vice president and chief technology officer. “This solution leverages our 25 years of experience helping manufacturers streamline their day-to-day operations by automating data entry and making information stored outside enterprise applications readily available.”

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