New Managing Director Appointed

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Fuji Xerox Australia names new managing director

rtmworld;fujixerox,appointmentFuji Xerox Australia has appointed Takayuki Togo as its new managing director, effective 1 October.

Togo replaces Sunil Gup, who will be returning to the US after he “completed his assignment” according to Fuji Xerox Australia.

Gupta has been with the company since 1979 holding various senior roles including president and chief executive of international partners, based out of Palo Alto in the US.

Before that, he was the president of Fuji Xerox Asia-Pacific’s Malaysia operations.

“He (Gupta) has been pivotal in Fuji Xerox Australia’s business transformation over the past two years,” a company statement said. “This turnaround effort has put the company back on the path to a bright future financially and operationally.

“Now in a position of strength, the organisation is focused on delivering exceptional results for employees, customers and all stakeholders.”

Prior to taking on the top role, Togo was the senior general manager of marketing for Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific – his experience stretches many leadership roles involved in marketing and corporate strategy.

“Australia is a market of enormous potential,” Togo said. “I’m thrilled to be leading Fuji Xerox Australia and will make it a growth driver for the entire Fuji Xerox organisation.

“I also want to thank Sunil who led this company to be leading other operating companies in providing best solutions and services that meet customer needs.”

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