New Ink Cartridge Launched

Orink has rolled out three series of ink cartridges with five colors that are compatible with Canon printers.

The new releases include:

  • CPGI280BK, CCLI281BK, CCLI281C, CCLI281M, and CCLI281Y that are used for Canon PIXMA TR7520/TR8520/TS6120/TS8120/TS9120 series of printers in North America; while CCLI281PBK used for Canon PIXMA TS8120/TS9120
  • CPGI580BK, CCLI581BK, CCLI581C, CCLI581M, and CCLI581Y that are used for PIXMA TR7550/TR8550/TS6150/TS6151/TS8150/, etc. in Europe, while CCLI581PBK compatible with PIXMA TS8150/TS8151/TS8152/TS9150/TS9155.
  • CPGI680BK, CCLI681BK, CCLI681C, CCLI681M, and CCLI681Y that are used for Canon PIXMA TR7560/TR8560/TS6160/TS8160/TS9160 in Ocenia, while CCLI681PBK compatible with Canon PIXMA TS8160/TS9160.

In addition, the maximum content of the three series of ink cartridges is 25.7ML.

For more information, please visit:

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