New Cartridge World Licensee Takes Charge

(SYDNEY October 9, 2018): Cartridge World store owners have been advised today Brisbane-based Peter Mitropoulos (second from left), has acquired the licence for Cartridge World operations in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), effective immediately.

“We are pleased to announce that the Cartridge World licence for Australia and New Zealand has been granted to CWA Australia & NZ Pty Ltd (CWA),” says Rod Young (pictured middle) the Global CEO for Cartridge World.

Mitropoulos also operates an associated company, Ausjet that has had a long association with Cartridge World stores and was formerly an approved supplier to Cartridge World in Australia as suppliers of ink and toner cartridges.

Pictured left to right (above) are Craig Watson (CWA CFO), Peter Mitropoulos (CWA CEO), Rod Young (CW Global CEO), Edwin Lui (CW Global CFO), Peter Lim (CW Global COO).

In an exclusive interview with RT Media, Young stated CWA is well capitalised and Mitropoulos will bring industry experience and a new focus for the development of the Cartridge World network and supply chain in Australia and New Zealand. “This grant of the CW ANZ licence will bring an experienced and committed imaging industry team into the development of the Cartridge World business in Australia and New Zealand to work with the ANZ Master Franchisees and our suppliers to the benefit of all stakeholders.”

Earlier today, the group of Master Franchisees wrote to all store owners stating they were “united in supporting this change of direction. We believe that Peter Mitropoulos has the right background and industry knowledge to make a significant difference in the brands’ performance in our region.”

Mitropoulos (pictured) told RT Media he is excited about the new opportunity and has agreed to share his more of his views with RT Media and its readers about the new deal.

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