New Cable ID Printers from Canon

New Cable ID Printers from Canon

New Cable ID Printers from Canon

New Cable ID Printers from CanonCanon U.S.A., Inc., announced the launch of a new line of Cable ID Printers with the aim to assist the workflow of businesses across a broad range of industries, including manufacturing, data centers, server rooms, internet and telecommunications, system integration, and construction.

According to Canon, the new release, namely MK2600 and MK1500, can print onto a wide range of media and feature thermal printing durability, tactile keyboards, and highly visible backlit LCD displays.

High Printing Speed, Resolution and Accuracy
The Canon MK2600 and MK1500 can print up to 40mm and 25mm per second, respectively, and both printers support print resolution of 300dpi. Three selectable print speeds provide users with the ability to adjust speed based on field requirements. For accurate print results, the MK2600 provides print length adjustment in steps of 0.01 percent, giving precise pitch control.

Flexible Operation Improves Productivity
The MK2600 and MK1500 printers support automatic full or half cut of print media with user-adjustable depth and cutting speed, providing convenience and a quality finish. Various print patterns, such as framing and selective character orientation, are also available. A full-size keyboard provides enhanced ease-of-use and the ability to quickly and accurately complete projects. Additionally, both printers can be set to perform consecutive printing of the same text on every segment and serial printing. Serial printing allows for numbers to be printed in automatic increments as segments are completed.

Wide Range of Print Media Supported
With the availability of a wide range of media cassettes and attachments, the MK2600 and MK1500 printers provide excellent support for a variety of print media. The machines can print on “generic” media that will help to bring down the costs associated with projects. This support allows users to print on materials such as commercially available soft PVC tubes or heat shrink tubes, label tapes, wrap around tapes, 4mm ID strips and plates.

PC Connectivity through PC Connection Kit
The PC Connectivity support of the MK2600 printer enhances productivity and workflow by allowing users to manage large quantities of data on personal computers. Furthermore, the PC Connection Kit is compatible with CSV-format files in addition to the existing original file format. This feature can help to reduce print time out in the field.

Price & Availability
The Canon MK2600 and MK1500 Cable ID Printers are both scheduled to be available in mid-September for a suggested retail price of $2,120.00 and $1,225.00, respectively. For more information, please visit



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