Near 200 Tons of Toner Products Recycled

Almost 200 tons of used toner products have been recycled in 2014 by Toshiba America Business Solutions (TABS). The company added it has recycled nearly 600 tons of used toner products since 2008.

As was revealed, Toshiba has partnered with the “internationally-established recycler” Close the Loop to recycle the e-waste since 2008. They transforms used products to outdoor products, such as park benches, fences and garden boxes for community organizations and nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity. Also, plastic from used imaging consumables will be used to make rulers and pens.

Tom Walter, Vice President of Distribution and Aftermarket Sale at TABS, noted, “Our sustainability ethos just as importantly extends to our customers. The success of our “Zero Waste to Landfill” initiative is a clear example of this shared interest.”

Further, TABS said its toner recycling efforts is one of the key elements making Toshiba’s e-STUDIOTM multifunction products certified by EPEAT.

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