Mobile Printing Company Prevails In Case against Samsung

Judge Lee H. Rosenthal, who serves for U.S. District Court of the Southern District of Texas, granted summary judgment announcing BreezyPrint Corp., a small mobile printing company, did not infringe several printing software patents owned by rival PrinterOn Inc., reported.

It is noted that the plaintiff has been acquired by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd in September 2014 after the lawsuit was filed to against BreezyPrint in October 2013.

Judge Rosenthal further explained BreezyPrint did not infringe the following U.S. Patent Numbers asserted by PrinterOn: 6,990,527; 7,007,093; 7,249,188; and 7,827,293, ruling that BreezyPrint uses new technology allowing people to print documents from mobile devices rather than the older print software technology invented by PrinterOn over a decade ago.

An 86-page legal opinion issued by the judge presents detailed reasons for the judgement: computers in the 1990s had to download and install drivers before printing, and Ontario-based PrinterOn’s patents automated the driver download process, giving it a “monopoly [that] made it the leading enterprise-grade printing software company in the world.” California-based BreezyPrint was founded several years ago and offers services that allow users to print documents from mobile devices using a cloud-based system that does not require drivers.

Jared Hansen, BreezyPrint founder and CEO, expresses his pleasure in an interview, “This is another example of how it’s too easy to bring this kind of suit. Being hit with a patent suit as a small company is close to a death sentence. We’re lucky that we had the means to fight it, but many other companies don’t.”


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