MFPs Drive Image Revenue Growth across Western Europe in 2014

Driven by the sales of multifunction inkjet and laser printers (MFPs), the imaging revenue across Western Europe increased by 1% year-over-year (YOY) in 2014.

According to CONTEXT, the European IT market research company, the revenue of inkjet MFPs grew by 7% YOY, seeing a double-digital revenue increase in the business inkjet segment. The growth was due to increases in distribution sales and average selling price.

In this segment, HP had the best performance with 16% year-over-year revenue growth. The company’s revenue accounted for more than 60% of the revenues in 2014. Epson ranked second with a market share of 16% and revenue increase of 4% YOY.

Zivile Brazdziunaite, Imaging Analyst at CONTEXT, stated, “Over the past year vendors were active in the business inkjet segment, supported by the introduction of new inkjet technology printers for businesses which featured more connectivity options and higher page yields, an attractive alternative to laser. ”

The laser MFP segment saw 1% revenue increase in 2014, which CONTEXT said was due to the color laser MFP subcategory with 7% year-over-year hike in in distribution sales with ever-declining average selling price.

In terms of OEM performance, HP, Samsung and Xerox remained the Top 3 OEMs in unit sales of color laser MFPs in the region for the period, seizing 36%, 21% and 10% of the market share respectively.

With respect to country performance, Germany came out the strongest market in the region for the period, with a 4% year-over-year revenue growth. UK was at the second place with the 1% year-over-year revenue growth. The revenue in distribution in Italy was up by 4% YOY while that in France was down by 5%. Spain registered the strongest growth of 10% YOY.



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