Melbourne Ink Recycler to Hold Exhibition

A Melbourne-based brand is going to hold its first exhibition to push for repurposing ink for more creative use.

According to Broadsheet, the pop-up exposition will help showcase the artworks done by local artists using ink from used ink cartridges. Lousy Ink, the host of the event, is an Australian company that repurposes ink from trashed cartridges for artists to make art with. More than 40 artists from Melbourne will exhibit their artworks at the event. They are asked to use the ink in their creatives more flexibly.

In addition, showcasing works of Melbourne artists, the company gives back to the local creative community by donating 10% from every sale to Arts Project Australia, a charity that supports intellectually-disabled artists. The exhibition is said to open at 6pm on March 31 at Fitzroy’s BSIDE Gallery.

Also, Broadsheet revealed that Lousy Ink was founded by artists Oli Ruskidd and Mike Eleven.

(Photo source: Broadsheet)

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