Meg Whitman to Step Down as HP’s CEO

As part of HP’s quarterly earnings report, CEO Meg Whitman will step down from her position as of February 1, 2018.

Antonio Neri, the company’s current president, will be taking over as CEO. He will be paid $1 million.

Whitman, who took over the position as CEO in 2011 after what might be called a major management meltdown, oversaw the company’s two splits. Last year, HPE spun off its IT services division, while the original Hewlett Packard split into HPE and HP Inc. back in 2015. Whitman will retain a board position at the company.

“I’m incredibly proud of all we’ve accomplished since I joined HP in 2011,” Whitman said in a statement. “Now is the right time for Antonio and a new generation of leaders to take the reins of HPE.”

Whitman cut her tech market teeth at eBay after a leadership at FTD Florists and Hasbro. She arrived at HP after the ouster of now-Oracle CEO Mark Hurd over sketchy expense reports (found in an investigation of sexual harassment charges) and the subsequent rapid purge of his replacement Leo Apotheker (who, having arrived from SAP, sought to turn HP into a software company).

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