Market Declines in India

The hard copy peripherals (HCP) market has slumped by a dramatic 18.4% in India. Only 737,475 printer units were shipped during the 4th quarter of 2016 (Q4 2016).

So says International Data Corporation (IDC) which blames the decrease on the country’s surprise demonetarization last November. The process affected consumer purchases as well as orders from government and corporates. IDC expect the demand to pick up in coming quarters once the economy settles because consumer sentiment remains high..

Some highlights include:

  • the HCP inkjet market fell 24.6% quarter-on-quarter.
  • Epson managed a year-on-year growth of 26.9% in inkjet market, while all other vendors suffered both year-on-year and sequential declines
  • the laser printer HCP market decreased 11.6% quarter-on-quarter in terms of unit shipments in Q4 2016
  • HP Inc. continued to lead the printer-based laser market with a share of 55.7%, followed by Canon and Samsung respectively.
  • the copier-based market suffered a sequential dip of 16.1%, with Canon leading the market followed by Konica Minolta.

When looking at the vendor’s individual performance, HP Inc. registered a 44.1% shipment share in Q42016 and remains the leader in the printer market in India. It was followed by Epson (23.4%) and Canon (18.1%) respectively. Samsung emerged into the fourth position in Q4 at 4.6%, followed by Brother at 2.9%.

IDC forecasts that ink tank printers are expected to dominate the inkjet market as vendors push their printers with aggressive marketing campaigns.

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