LD Products Reacts to HP Firmware Update

Another aftermarket company shares solutions to reassure customers frustrated by HP’s recent firmware update.

Similar to what many other aftermarket companies have experienced since the update, LD products’ call center was inundated with calls and emails from frustrated customers.

In response, LD Products has worked closely with their suppliers and begun shipping new cartridges at no additional cost to their affected customers.

“People aren’t emotionally invested in things like ink and toner, but it certainly becomes emotional when you feel like it’s cheaper to buy a new printer rather than a new set of cartridges”, said Aaron Leon (pictured), CEO of LD Products. “We know having choices is an important factor in customer satisfaction and we truly appreciate when customers discover LD brand printer cartridges. We work hard to produce a quality product day in and day out. We’re not perfect, but we do our best to keep our customers happy!”

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