Lawsuits and Rumors of Lawsuits Everywhere

This week reports have been rife on various media websites claiming HP is suing Ninestar Image Tech Ltd., (Ninestar China) Ninestar Technology Co., Ltd. (Ninestar USA) and Apex Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (Apex) in the US District Court of the Northern District of California.  Allegedly, HP is seeking costs and damages over the manufacture, use and distribution of infringing chips for use in HP inkjet printers.

However Apex and Ninestar, separately, have told Recycling Times they have not been served any complaints or lawsuits.

Ninestar refutes it has infringed HP’s patents but cannot act, or make any statements, until they have, in fact, been served, and Apex makes no comment.

In other lawsuit news over the use of smart chips in cartridges, comes the story about the battle between components giant Static Control and Steve Miller. That case is about to go to court in the US over the licensing of aftermarket chips for use in Lexmark printers in the US.

And New York patent attorney Martin Pavane has packed USB sticks in his case to hand out to more than 200 global industry leaders attending the RT Imaging Summit in Zhuhai, China next week.  Pavane has placed many documents on each USB stick, relating to legal issues over the difference between right to repair and reconstruction. Pavane is in the midst of legal battles between the aftermarket and Canon over the dongle gear and OPC drum used to remanufacture used Canon cartridges.

The competition to sell ink and toner printer cartridges to consumers is now the fiercest since printers were invented. As a result, the original printer manufacturers, or OEMs, are defending their intellectual property rights against the aftermarket suppliers.

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