LATTC Saves $250K Annually in Printing with Xerox’s Solution

According to, the printing solution offered by Xerox specialists has helped Los Angeles Trade-Technical College (LATTC), one of the largest community colleges in U.S., save$250,000 annually in solid ink sticks and little wax cube of ink, and $1.5 million more is expected to be saved over the next five years.

Printers serve 750 faculty and staff in addition to the college’s students, LATTC. The printing at the campus was costing the college too much time and expense because the printing infrastructure was inefficient due to a proliferation of many non-networked personal desktop printers. Thus, service, printer cartridge and paper costs were out of control. Moreover, service and support for LATTC’s printers were inconsistent.

Moreover, the college was using older production printers under multiple contracts where the printers weren’t networked to the central print shop on campus.

To solve the problem, a group of Xerox specialists worked closely with LATTC to develop a comprehensive understanding of its present printing environment. In Xerox’s assessment, printer usage throughout the campus are tracked. The specialists found that LATTC’s device-to-user ratio was approximately 3:1 and that about 50% of the IT staff’s time was spent servicing campus printers. To increase uptime, reliability and upgrade the infrastructure are in great need.

Xerox helped LATTC right-size its printing assets, streamline processes, increase device reliability, and cut waste and cost from each department’s budget. Most personal printers are replaced with networked, multifunction devices. The Xerox® devices are accessible in key areas throughout campus. These machines deliver cost savings, provide security as well as reduce time.
Dr. Mary Gallagher, Vice President of Administrative Services at LATTC, said, “When people each have a printer, they automatically print more. Even though people were very attached to their printers, and there were some initial complaints, everyone now realizes how much better these devices and services are.”

Also, the IT staff is able to focus on mission-critical IT projects. “This creates good buzz and a competitive differentiator when it comes to recruiting new students to LATTC,” said Gallagher.

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