Issue No.4 of Korean Recycling Times Magazine Published

Recycling Times has worked with its Korean partner, Innovative Printing Solution (IPS) to publish the Korean version of Recycling Times magazine. This new monthly publication contains news and views relating to the global print consumables industry.

In the 4th edition (

8 Canon Files ITC Complaint against 33 Companies
If you are a genuine cartridge remanufacturer knowingly or unknowingly infringing an OEM patent, then expect to be sued and become a part of an ITC action.

14 The Angel among Us
     GreenOFFICE Gives Angel Makhathini Hope
Angel is a modest person, shy and not wanting to draw attention to herself.  Yet her story is compelling.  

20 Remanufacturing the Samsung CLP-365 Color Toner Cartridges

23 Beyond the Limits of Reality
Why not spend some time beyond the limits of reality and explore the wonderland that exists outside the box?

And more…

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