Intelligent Printing Control Solution Captures Attention

Intelligent Printing Control Solution Captures Attention

Visitors attending the Zhuhai-based RemaxWorld came looking for office equipment and supplies solutions. To meet that demand, Hangzhou city-based chip research company, Chipjet, came armed with their Zhi Guan Yin box which literally means “intelligent control of printing.”

Intelligent Printing Control Solution Captures Attention rtmworld

According to Chipjet, their Zhi Guan Yin is a patented product which combines software and hardware to remotely monitor the status of office equipment, including printers, in real-time.

This newly developed MPS service box utilizes the power of the cloud to accurately capture information about the volumes, supply levels, print errors and vulnerable parts of a single printer or fleet of printers and update or warn users as necessary. The software management platform can provide maintenance service requests and automatically generate a printing analysis report.

The cloud box is quite small. It’s just 11cm x11cm and ChipJet claims it is easy to install and does not take up much space in the office. It is compatible with the current mainstream printer brands including HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, Xerox, Kyocera, Sharp, Ricoh and Konica Minolta, among others.

Chipjet claims the information security of the cloud service is secure. The Cloud service can be customized according to individual demands of public and private cloud services.

The product features include:

  1. High security: ensuring no documents or data can be accessed and read;
  2. Low power consumption, strong signal, and high penetrability;
  3. Automatic equipment;
  4. IoT function and archive regional control.

ChipJet claims its Zhi Guan Yin, the cloud box, provides OA + EPR system solutions and can be customized to customers’ specific requirements. It could be applied for online and offline functionality using a seamless interaction between Chipjet and WeChat.

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