Inkjet Hologram Printing Helps Reduce Time and Cost

A group of scientists from ITMO University have used an ordinary inkjet printer to produce vivid holographic images and text.

This new method is expected to significantly reduce the cost and time needed to create rainbow holograms used for security purposes.

The details are reported in this month’s scientific journal Advanced Functional Materials.

Apparently, the scientists developed colorless ink made of nanocrystalline titania, which can be loaded into an inkjet printer and then deposited on special microembossed paper, resulting in unique patterned images. The ink makes it possible to print custom holographic images on transparent film in a matter of minutes.

Aleksandr Yakovlev, first author of the study, explains, “The conventional way of preparing a hologram is incredibly time-consuming and consists of several stages. First, one needs to create a master hologram, which is usually laser recorded on a thin layer of photosensitive polymer. The polymer is then dried and wash-out to get rid of unexposed parts. The resulting stencil is then transferred to a metallic matrix, which eventually serves to emboss holographic microrelief on the surface of a transparent polymer film.”


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