Ink and Toner E-Commerce May Pose a Threat

Contrary to common perceptions, a new study conducted by InfoTrends has found that both OEMs and end users of ink and toner may be affected by the rise of e-commerce, negatively.

According to, OEMs and end users are risked by purchasing supplies through e-commerce marketplaces. 20% of businesses was reported to shop the internet among the top two ways in which they buy ink and toner cartridges. However, among the 20%, almost half of those business reported issues with product purchases.

John Shane, Director at InfoTrends, commented, “We believe that e-commerce represents the largest threat of third-party toner and inkjet cartridges to the OEMs and domestic remanufacturers. This creates a serious marketing challenge as both the customer experience and brand integrity can be negatively impacted.”

InfoTrends’ new study aims to size ink and toner e-commerce. The study also included analysis of the impact of China and third-party supplies.

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