InfoTrends Researches the Strategic Sourcing of Print

According to researcher InfoTrends, in organizations with over 500 employees in the United States, more than $322 billion is annually spent on document printing and relevant activities. But researchers found most corporations do not realize how much money they are spending or how much they could save.

InfoTrends’ Achieving Optimum Return on Document Expenditures researches the strategic sourcing of print and relevant services. Moreover, it discusses how to achieve and optimum return on document expenditures through “Smart Sourcing.” It reviews trends in the document industry, looking for best practices in print procurement, and provides a roadmap for enterprises which hope to improve document effectiveness.

In the research, InfoTrends suggests that business quantify present print spending and all related costs, work with a qualified consulting firm, establish a project lead with expertise in print across multiple environments, select segments to adopt a Smart Source solution and have best providers to offer specific products and services.

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