Infotrends Predicts Inkjets Will Capture 56% of All Devices by 2016

A recent InfoTrends study predicts business inkjet will comprise 56% of all office printers by 2016, leaving lasers to account for the remaining 44%.

The study identifies critical customer insight and recommends appropriate sales and marketing strategies for business inkjet providers. Moreover, it quantifies the placement opportunity for business inkjet technology in the US office environment.

In recent years, business inkjet printers and multifunctional peripherals (MFPs) have surpassed laser devices in the U.S. by unit shipment volume and become the leading technology. For many years, customers believe laser devices are most appropriate for office environment, whereas inkjet technology is best for the home and small business environments.

InfoTrends has believed for some time that inkjet technology can play a greater role in office printing. It asked participants why they chose an inkjet device rather than a laser printing device. Results show that 77% choose an inkjet device for reasons including cost, price and running cost. This is a significant insight. While other customers seek certain product performance features such as, speed, reliability, and output quality, it would appear that the crucial reason for finally selecting inkjet is lower cost.

This InfoTrends study explores several aspects of the U.S. inkjet market including:

1. Analysis of decision maker attitudes towards ink-based marking technology in the United States.

2. Recommended sales and marketing strategies that influence perception and encourage a change in purchase behavior.

3. Product features, attributes, and functionality considered most important by mainstream small and medium business and enterprise workgroup, printing customers across the United States.

4. Size, outlook and market opportunity for inkjet in U.S. offices.

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