Industry Veteran Joins Indian Toners to Meet Global Demand

Indian Toners & Developers Ltd (ITDL) has acquired the talents of the 22-year industry veteran, Alan Kronstat (pictured), to help them expand into the Americas markets.

Indian Toners & Developers Ltd (ITDL) has enjoyed strong sales since 1992 for its premium toner products in India, Asia, the Middle-East and East Europe. Now, the company is seeking Kronstat’s experience with its compatible toner for laser printers, analogue copiers, new age digital machines, MFP’s, wide format printers and copiers. Based in Florida, USA, Kronstat has been the Executive Director of Worldwide Sales, and General Manager with the AQC Group, and AQC, LLC.

“Alan has an excellent reputation. His strong customer relationships, industry experience and strong work ethic make him the perfect choice for what we are hoping to accomplish,” says Akshat Jain, President of ITDL.

“I was very impressed when I visited ITDL’s two factories,” Kronstat replies. “Their facilities, their testing and qualifying procedures, and commitment to excellence is something that would make any customer confident in their products. They have come a long way from the company I knew in the 90’s.” According to Kronstat, ITDL truly puts the satisfaction of their customers first, and takes great pride in the service it provides.

ITDL’s two factories are state of the art. Their Hosokawa Alpine Plants, produce products to the tightest of specifications.  Its team of scientists include experienced, Japanese R&D consultants that have been with the company for over 20 years. They keep ITDL on the cutting edge of new laser and copier toner formulations.  All products go through a rigorous testing and QC procedure. In all, 44 different quality checks are performed on the products before they leave the factory.

ITDL plans on opening its first American facility.  “The United States has the most stable economy in the West, and Florida is the gateway to Central and South America. We are very hopeful that the time we spend trying to enter these markets will prove profitable for Indian toners and their customers,” says Jain. “We hope to be able to contribute to the growth of companies in countries that are still experiencing growth in this industry.”

Indian Toners & Developers will launch into the Americas market by exhibiting at the RT Imaging Expo in Cancun, Mexico on June 2 and 3.  Jain expects this exposure will help Americans to become aware of a real alternative to Chinese manufacturers that have dominated the market in recent years.  They also plan to tour through South America to make their name and quality products known in this continent.

Those interested in learning more about ITDL and its products, should write to, or visit the website at

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