India LFP Market to Reach over US$30 Million

According to the world’s leading market research store Research and Market, India Large Format Printer market is estimated to reach $31.0 million in 2015. In India Large format printer market, Roll to Roll printers have generated majority of the market revenues; however, in the forecast period, higher growth of flatbed printer is expected.

In India, large format printers are witnessing significant growth from textile printing segment. With the increasing demand for digital prints in textile industry and need to reduce the turnaround time, market for LFPs is surging in this sector.

LFPs in India are primarily imported, but in the coming years large format printer players are expected to establish their manufacturing facilities in the country. Changing government policies to promote electronic manufacturing is further poised to boost the domestic manufacturing. Hewlett Packard has set up their plant to meet the rising demand for large format printers. The key players in India’s large format printers market are namely- HP, Canon, Epson and Roland.

The report estimates and forecast overall India Large Format Printer market by revenue & volume, by Large format printer types such as Flatbed and Roll to Roll printers, Large format printer market by print width such as 17”-24”, 24”-36” and so on, market by resolution and market by regions such as north India, western India, eastern India, southern India. The report also gives the insights on competitive landscape, market share by companies, price trends, company profiles, market drivers and restraints.

(Source: Research and Markets)

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