HYB price increase

HYB’s Reaction to Price Rise

After consulting with some players in the industry, HYB confirmed that the price of some aftermarket-made toner cartridges did increase. Due to the price war of aftermarket-made toner cartridges during the past 11 years, the minimum price to be found in the market has come to 2$USD and the current price increase trend on spare parts will significantly create 10-15% of increase on the prices of large volume monochrome cartridges.

HYB price increase

HYB sales professionals started to receive some enquiries from existing customers about their reaction to this and whether they will follow the trend to increase the sales price. HYB senior management feels the necessity to emphasize HYB’s strategy once again. “HYB never joined the price war of studied changes in configuration on our products in order to decrease cost and compete with cheaper products. Our customer base is mainly distributors who look for an alternative for their dealers who are used to genuine toners and that’s why we have a big percentage of selected materials such as toners and chips imported from leading manufacturers. Just like the reason why we didn’t decrease the price to meet the market share of regular quality demand, we would keep our price level stable for the same reason. The fact is that copier cartridges manufactured by HYB are composed of self-produced empty cartridges, bulk toner produced in Japan and chips. The rise of prices on spare parts like charge rollers, blades and OPC won’t create a dramatic difference to our cost while we will still be affected by the up-to 25% increase on packages price as well as labour cost. The business of our distributors are united with ours and we will keep providing consistent quality, the same configuration with stably competitive prices to our customers. ” said Kim Lee, the Sales Director of HYB.

“It is good timing to witness how solid and fragile the sales framework of the manufacturers and their customers in the international sales of Aftermarket toner cartridges. Some suppliers that have been chasing on low price and low credit line aiming only at market share without profit may get into troubles due to all these changes. Short of material won’t allow components manufacturers to offer long credit terms to cartridges producers but will only provide material to those who have good cash flow and willing to pay for a higher price. This will break of the ring of business for some suppliers in the market. We will wait and see what these changes will bring to our Industry. ”



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