HP/Samsung Merger to Finalize

HP/Samsung Merger to Finalize

HP/Samsung Merger to Finalize

The Investor reported that HP CEO went to Seoul to finalize the merger with Samsung Electronics.

HP CEO Dion Weisler visited Seoul last week and reportedly met Kim Ki-ho, CEO of S-Printing Solution, the independent entity set up in November amidst the split, as revealed by Maeil Business News.

As RT Media reported in November, the merge was originally planned to finish during the second half of 2017.

The US$1.05 billion deal was announced last September, as HP aimed to improve its lead in the inkjet printer market and Samsung was looking to restructure its businesses, according to The Investor. 

HP maintains that there will be no layoffs in the Korean operations, and the company will also use the Samsung brand for its inkjet printer products in Korea, according to The Investor.

S-Printing Solution currently has 6,000 employees working in its 50 offices around the globe.

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